A Jekyll theme with crisp typography and featured post images

If you like the theme featured on this blog, you can use it too. I’ve published the theme at

Slate+Simple is a sleek and minimalistic theme for Jekyll blogs. It is based on the Clean+Simple Theme by Nathan Rooy.

Slate+Simple is a light-on-dark theme that features crisp typography and includes featured images for posts. It is easily modified and provided under the MIT open source license to encourage community modifications and improvements.

YAML headers include support for:

  • title
  • subtitle
  • author
  • featured-image
  • date-string
  • categories
  • tags

Additionally, Slate+Simple supports MathJax for beautiful equations and Font Awesome. LaTeX math wrapped in $$ will automatically compile to in-line or block images of formatted equations. Font awesome icons are included with the i tag. For example: <i class='fa fa-github-alt'></i>.